She’s Back

she's back_003

And she’s starting the new year with a brand new blog. My old blog, Double Exposure, was supposed to be a blog for Ayla Barzane and me. When Ayla dropped out the name of the blog made little sense, but I was set in my ways and continued to post. This seems the perfect time to start fresh on my own blog.

I’ve been away from Second Life for the longest time since I first logged in August of 2007. I’ve given some serious thought as to whether or not I should share my reason for being away on my blog. I’m a private person about my real life. Ultimately I decided to share with my readers so that you will know who I am, and where my life journey is taking me.

I was diagnosed on October 8th with ALS – Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, also known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease and MND – motor neuron disease. If you did the Ice Bucket Challenge, you gave awareness and funding to the ALS Association for research and patient support. I can tell you first-hand that it is a wonderful advocacy organization for those of us with the disease.

Getting an ALS diagnosis is getting a death sentence. There is no cure or effective life extending treatment. Life expectancy is different for everyone, but the average life expectancy ranges from two to five years from diagnosis. I prefer to think of it as my “sell by” date. I may be fresh for quite a while past that date! Stephen Hawking is over 70!

I have weakness in my arms and legs, walking with a walker is a challenge. A red power wheelchair was my best Christmas present ever. I basically look and feel like myself – just a sitting down me. I tire easily. But I can still type and decided to continue to do enjoyable things while I can.

Blogging Second Life fun and fashion is one of those things. Starbucks coffee is another, of course. I saw that Strawberry Singh is back doing her Monday Memes (YAY!) and I definitely want to give some of those a go.

I may be sick, but my online representative Dolly is healthy and headstrong. She’s not going to put up with me being a mope when there’s a fascinating virtual world for me to explore on her good legs. So thanks to stubborn Dolly who was missing new hair releases and good friends, she’s back.


2 thoughts on “She’s Back

  1. Strawberry Singh says:

    A month or so ago I went looking for you on the networks and blog, was wondering what happened and hoped you were ok. Glad to see you back and see you strong and fighting through this. Sending lots of love, strength and health your way. Welcome back! ❤

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